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The One Stop Digital Shop


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It's finally here! The one stop digital shop ebook - The complete guide to starting a prints business. 

So how can it help you?

Well, I started my prints business in 2019 with absolutely zero start up money. I was desperate to earn some extra income following my dad being hit by a car at 50mph and my parents losing the majority of their income (his wage) overnight. My dad never went back to work again. My parents were worried about how they were going to pay the mortgage. I had to do something, and so I started a prints business.

I had no knowledge, no prior business experience and to be quite honest I had barely ever touched a printer in my life. However, I worked at my business consistently before it became what it is today - a full time income. I recently had my first 7k month, something I once could only have dreamed of.

People are always asking me how I did it. I am not going to pretend to you that this is a get rich quick scheme because it isn't (and trust me they don't work!!). However, what I can tell you is that if you put your mind to it, you can also create a successful business that you can take as far as you want. If you want to earn a little extra cash, great, you can. If you want to earn a full time income, then also great because you can do that too!

This ebook provides you with all of the basic knowledge you need to getting your prints business up and running. I give some of my best tips. I give details of suppliers I have used directly and sources that I use in my own prints business. I also have a private facebook group that you can access where you can ask me anything!

Heres a breakdown of some of the things covered within this 39 page ebook;

  • Branding and Visuals 
  • Social Media Tips 
  • Content 
  • Software
  • Pricing
  • Equipment and Materials 
  • Product Photos
  • Postage and Packaging
  • Reviews and Feedback 
  • Sales Platforms 
  • Expansion 

My hope is that over the coming months I will continue to expand the range of products I have on offer, until this really does become the one stop digital shop. I would love you to join me on that journey.