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Most entrepreneurs can probably relate to the feeling known as imposter syndrome.

You start a new project, feeling excited and motivated. This is the point where I start planning everything and the perfectionism creeps in. Then suddenly, the self doubt starts. For me this often results in me totally giving up on the task and discounting it - phrases like 'nobody will buy this' , 'this business will never be succesful'. Even if I manage to push through this and complete a successful task, I can't ever see the longevity of it and put it down to 'luck' - it can't be successful long term.

So how do you deal with these feelings?

You can start by beginning to challenge the thoughts - Make a list of all of the negative thoughts you are having. Next to this, write down the facts, is it true? What evidence is there to support this? What evidence is there to challenge this?

Always remember, not to make sweeping statements, thoughts or analogys about your personality and who you are when you are emotional. Write down what you think about yourself, and when you feel more in control, review those thoughts and ask yourself if they are true? Chances are when you feel better you'll be firm in noting those thoughts were not true.

I also find it helps if I make a list of compliments people have given me. Write down the good things people say about you and be proud of them!

Download my free imposter syndrome worksheet to help you work through these feelings.