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The Diary of a Manifestor


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Our gratitude journal includes over 90 pages of gratitude practices!

This journal has been designed to get you started on your gratitude journey, creating easy exercises to help you embed gratitude into your daily life.

Gratitude journalling is one of the most powerful manifestation exercises. Gratitude is the foundation upon which the law of attraction is built. The benefits of practicing gratitude on a daily basis are well documented. Taking the time to write down things that you are grateful for can improve your self esteem, help you feel relaxed and sleep better, help you stay positive, make you happier, reduce stress and help keep your vibrational frequency high.

Starting up a new hobby or practice can be difficult, especially when it’s a practice that can dig up some pretty intense feelings. Don’t be alarmed if you find it a difficult, overwhelming, or highly emotional experience at first. Try to lean into the discomfort and keep your commitment to daily gratitude, because greater peace and contentment awaits on the other side!

The worksheets included are highlighted below;

Benefits of practicing gratitude
Morning gratitude
Evening gratitude
Daily positivity
Daily gratitude
Daily journal
Weekly gratitude
Weekly reflections
Thankful mind map
Gratitude letter
Gratitude walk
Acts of kindness
Pay it forwards
Experiences and people
The small things
Happy lifters
Gratitude jar
Be thankful
Gratitude journal prompts
Self reflection prompts

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