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Teach your children the meaning of Christmas by sharing these 25 days of kindness with them, delivered directly from their elf on the shelf! 

These cards are not only great for helping your children spread kindness, but they are also great if you start running out of ideas for your elf on the shelf. Simply print these out and have the elf on the shelf deliver them each day to your child!

The cards are each A4 in size for easy printing on a standard printer. If you would like them smaller you can simply resize them with any editing software. 

The 25 days of kindness include;

  1. Say something nice to somebody
  2. Open a door for somebody
  3. Tell somebody thank you for all their hard work
  4. Try and make somebody laugh or give somebody a big smile
  5. Do a chore today that will help somebody
  6. Feed the birds something delicious 
  7. Donate something you no longer need to somebody who does
  8. Send a Christmas card with some nice words inside to a family member or friend
  9. Read or tell somebody a story
  10. Hide happy notes around your neighbourhood or home
  11. Help set the table for dinner 
  12. Talk to somebody new at school or help somebody with their work
  13. Sing a song to somebody
  14. Put some rubbish in the bin that isn't yours
  15. Tidy your room without being asked
  16. Leave a thank you note and picture stuck to the dustbin for the dustbin men
  17. Ask somebody at school if they want to play with you
  18. Tell everyone in your house your favourite thing about them
  19. Make everyones bed for them in your house
  20. Leave a thank you note and picture on the postbox for the post person
  21. Let somebody go in front of you in line
  22. Make some kindness rocks and leave them around your home or neighbourhood
  23. Make a poster, drawing or postcard for somebody with all the things you love about them
  24. Plant something in the garden or the woods
  25. Wish someone a merry christmas!


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