The #1 belief holding you back from getting what you want. 

The #1 belief holding you back from getting what you want. 

Do you want to learn how to transform your mindset and get what you want? Then this one is for you!

Your beliefs are really important when it comes to manifesting your goals. Speak to all of the most successful people in the world and they will all have one thing in common that made them different to everybody else trying to make it; their mindset. 

Through years of research and studying of the mind, I have worked out what the number one belief is that is holding you back from getting what you want. This belief could be holding you back from getting the dream job, the relationship, the body, the house. Do you want to know what this belief is?

It is the belief that it is not possible. That is the number one limiting belief, that whatever you desire deep down you don’t believe it's possible. You can’t achieve something that you do not believe is possible for you. You can’t accomplish something that you don’t think is possible for you to accomplish. 

This belief can be hidden deep in your subconscious mind. On the surface you think that you want this thing to happen that you’ve been manifesting. You might even have been working on getting it for many years. But deep down, you don’t really believe it's possible. You don’t really believe it’s going to happen for you. Sure you might be SAYING that you want to achieve this goal and you’re working towards this goal but you don’t really believe that it will ever happen. 

Think about this, have you ever used this type of language out loud or in your head when it comes to your goals? I’m too old for that, I can’t do that, That stuff doesn’t happen to people like me, I can’t afford that, I don’t have enough experience for that, I’m not good enough for that, I don’t have the right connections, Who would want to be with me, I’m too fat, too ugly, too skinny, I can’t control my anger, I’ll never have more friends. 

If you have ever used any of this language then that’s your limiting belief at work right there. Sure you might be saying that you want to achieve your goal and you might be trying to make steps towards it but those beliefs rooted deep in your mind are stopping you from achieving your goal. You will self sabotage, procrastinate and never really achieve your goal…because you never believed that you could. 

Think about all of the times you've procrastinated, you’ve been in the ‘stop/start’ mode. You make some progress with your goals but then nothing for months. How do you get out of this pattern? Sometimes you’re really motivated and other times you're not. This is your brain battling with the fact that you do want to achieve the goal but you don’t really believe you can.

It’s impossible for you to have these limiting beliefs and get what you want at the same time and this is down to science. Your brain can’t hold two opposing beliefs at the same time and function properly. This process is called cognitive dissonance which is what happens when you are trying to hold two opposing beliefs in your mind and still take action on something.  It's literally the mental equivalent of trying to drive a car with your foot on the gas and break at the same time, it just doesn't work and when you try and do it you will mess up your car and not get anywhere. 

So what does this look like in real life? Well, let's think about somebody who wants to start their own business. On the one hand you know what you want, you want to have a successful business and start making money. But in the next moment these beliefs pop up ‘nobody would pay for that, nobody will buy that from me, I don’t know enough about this, why would they buy from me when there are way better things out there, I’m just starting out’. 

Heres another example when it comes to manifesting a relationship. On the one hand you really want a relationship, you want to settle down, maybe get married one day and have children. But the beliefs that keep popping into your head are that nobody will want to be with you, you’re going to be alone forever, there are no good men/women left in the world anyway, you always get hurt. 

These are two examples of your mind holding two opposing beliefs and this is your experience of cognitive dissonance. But how do you break out of this?

Firstly, it’s important that you begin to investigate your beliefs, notice and observe them. When you do this, you can then begin to change them. There are some exercises in my manifest more wealth ebook around this very topic. You can grab a copy over at

Make a list of your negative beliefs as they come up. Be honest with yourself. Write down your goals and then really tune in to what you feel about those goals. What are those deep rooted feelings coming up for you. Do you genuinely believe that you can achieve that goal or do you have a lot of doubts that come up?

If what's going on in your mind isn't in alignment with what you are saying you want then you are not going to move forwards. Or you might take a few steps forwards but then you will take ten steps back. 

So what next? We’ve identified our limiting beliefs but how do we overcome them? Well it's simple really, you need to create new beliefs to replace the old limiting ones! Take your list of all of your old negative beliefs. Next to these beliefs I want you to write the positive alternative. For example, if one of your beliefs is that there are no good men left in the world, write down next to this ‘there are plenty of good men in the world, there are good men all around me’. Whenever you recognise your old beliefs coming up, instantly replace it with this new positive belief. 

You can also use affirmation ebook to instil new beliefs, we have a great ebook that delves into how you can use these and provides a list of over 150 affirmations for different areas of your life. Grab your copy over on our website

The only way to install new beliefs into your mind is to repeat them over and over again. It's going to take some time because if you have had these limiting beliefs for years then it will take some time to change them. You have to start using this new language. In the beginning when you first start this it might feel strange, you might wonder why you are saying these things when you don't really believe them. Well just remember, you are saying these things so that you can begin to believe them. The only way to access and change those deep rooted negative beliefs is my repetition of our new positive beliefs. You need to stick with this task even if it doesn't feel right or like anything is changing to begin with. I promise you one day those old limiting beliefs will be gone. It may be weeks or months from now, but one day you will have replaced them with your new beliefs.

The second thing to think about in terms of helping you to eliminate these limiting beliefs is to surround yourself with people who believe that everything is possible. Surround yourself with people who believe in you getting what you want. For example, when I decided to start my own business, I found it very important to be around other people who were on their own journey to being successful; like minded women. Some people call this a mastermind group. Think about how you can access a mastermind group. It might be through online training or events. There are two websites where you can easily sign up for events for free; and eventbrite. 

You need to spend as much time as possible with people who are on a similar journey to you and who believe everything is possible. 

Challenging your old beliefs and replacing them with new ones, coupled with spending time with people who believe everything is possible can really help you overcome your number one limiting belief that is holding you back. Once you learn how to do this, anything is possible. 

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