How to recognise signs from the universe

How to recognise signs from the universe

How do you recognise signs from the universe?

We’ve all been there. Desperately asking the universe for our manifestations to come true. Asking the universe for a sign to show us that it has heard us and has set our manifestation in motion. But how do you know when the universe has responded to your request? Within this blog post we are going to cover the following;

  • The meaning behind signs 
  • How signs can show up

One of the most powerful ways your intuition and the universe speaks to you is through signs and symbols. The purpose of signs is to cultivate a sense of presence and connection and use it as a doorway between your highest self and gut instinct. 

As humans we love to attach meaning to things to bring a sense of control or certainty. A sign should bring with it a feeling of ‘this is it’. It should motivate and inspire you in the knowledge that the universe has responded to your request. Signs can be delivered in many different ways and they may not always be as obvious as what you expect them to be. 

The meaning behind signs

The universe can send us signs for a variety of reasons. It can sometimes be as a request from ourselves to show us that the universe has heard our request. Signs can show us that we are on the right path to alignment. Signs can also be sent to us to change our course of direction. The universe can sometimes send us a sign that at the time might not feel so great but eventually, you will realise that this was the universes way of putting you on the right path to your highest self. A great example of this is through the podcaster Francesca Amber. Fran was a normal woman, working in London where she owned her own salon and also rented out her apartment on Air bnb. For years she had an instagram called @lawofattractionchangedmylife but she didn’t really ever put all of her energy into this and it was more of an afterthought due to how busy she was with her salon. 

During the first COVID-19 lockdown, Fran was pregnant with twins, already had a young daughter and had just bought a second mortgage in a home outside of London. She literally lost all of her income overnight as the salon closed and people were not allowed to travel anymore to the air bnb. Fran talks about how this was one of the scariest times of her life. However, through this experience, Fran began to put her energy back into her instagram account and she started a podcast. This podcast has now become her full time job. She has sold her salon, has bought a new car, renovated her home and is in the process of looking for her next dream home. She wouldn’t have done any of this had it not been from the complete path shift from the universe in which Fran didn’t really have any choice in the matter. 

Fran’s story is a great example of how signs that we may perceive as ‘negative’ can actually be life changing. It could be an ex boyfriend you’ve separated from which feels devastating at the time but you then go on to meet the man of your dreams. You could lose the home you’ve been desperately manifesting, only to find a better home further down the line. You could lose your job only to find something even better, on a better salary. You could lose friendships which were toxic but you had never realised at the time that they were stunting your growth. You might be manifesting something and it just doesn't seem to be coming into your reality. There is a great quote that explains this process and it is this; ‘This or something better’. 

There are lots of ways that the universe can show up for us. The point is that it may not be in its traditional form that you might expect. What is important is that you have faith in the process and that the universe is always working towards helping you reach your highest self. 

How signs can show up

I wanted to talk a little bit about how signs can show up in your life. This is not an exhaustive list and you will have your own experiences too but here are a few ideas to get you thinking; 

  • Recurring experiences
  • Dreams
  • Animals
  • Patterns of numbers
  • Losing/finding or even breaking objects
  • Synchronicity (for example when you are thinking about somebody and they call you)
  • Recurring words/phrases
  • Songs, music, lyrics
  • The weather
  • Unexpected meetings
  • Feelings
  • Smells
  • Gut feelings
  • New ideas

Remember, this list is not exhaustive. Your experiences with the universe are unique. So let me know how the universe shows up for you! Make a note over the next few days of any signs which are sent to you from the universe. Speak out the mantra ‘I am ready for a sign from the universe within the next 48 hours or less’. Once you have set this intention, let it go and trust in the process .If you are able to, take a photo of the sign and tag me on instagram! @thediaryofamanifestor

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